Monday, 13 December 2010

Plasma TV and LCD TV: Which is better?

Plasma TV and LCD TV: Which is better?
  • Plasma TV and LCD TV: Which is better?
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We believe many people are still confused which one is better Plasma or LCD so Buytvstore try to give a little clue so you can be certain of your choice.

Is there any difference in picture quality between plasma, LCD and regular
Between Plasma and LCD produces a good picture so arguably not very significant in terms of picture quality but for regular TV (CRT), still some people prefer this type because it can produce better-quality picture as a whole.

What advantages are in its plasma than LCD?
Plasma usually can display a wider viewing angle than LCD, so as we all know the wide angle of view (angle view) the better because it will facilitate you in determining your sitting position. Plasma can better produce sharp images, especially in terms of "capture" a rapid movement in a film that is being watched. The latter is the problem of pricing where the price of plasma is cheaper than LCD

What advantages are in its LCD than Plasma?
LCDs have higher resolution than Plasma TVs for the same size. LCDs consume less power than plasma (approximately 30% lower). LCD has a life span (time consumption), which is longer than usual LCD Plasma which can last up to 60,000 hours while the use of plasma about 30,000 hours (later there is also the Plasma
that can last up to 60,000 hours)

Which one is better for you? Plasma or LCD?
If you want a TV with a small size or under 50 inches then LCD is the best choice considering the price for the size of the LCD is much cheaper even cheaper semakian today. If you want a large TV or more than 50 inches so we advise you to buy a Plasma for Plasma prices for sizes above 50 inches is much cheaper than the LCD. Make sure that the TV has an Integrated / digital tuner (not analog) to get a better picture.


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